My Crazy Ideas

This is a section for some ideas, styles, locations I would love to shoot in and can offer a large discount for them. I am all game for your wild and crazy ideas too.


Iceland is incredible and I will shoot it for free if you cover my travel. I would plan for 3 days or so. I mean, just watch these videos.

Argentina/Chile ~ Patagonia

The mountains here are insane and I would love to photograph you in them. Obviously we would be there for a few days so I would love to brainstorm some location ideas and incorporate some personal time for you two of course.

Black and White Wedding Film
25% off*

I have been dying to shoot a wedding in all black and white. I have some really cool lenses that have a very unique character but don't really jive with color and my other "perfect" cine lenses. I think the perfect wedding would be smaller, intimate, mountains or ranch, and you would be the couple who loves vintage/antique feeling visuals. *Does not include applicable travel fees.

Northern California, Santa Cruz

I was able to shoot a wedding near Santa Cruz and I spent some extra time wandering around San Francisco and Santa Cruz. I found some incredible spots that we can shoot along some cliffs, amazing trees and beaches, and within 20 minute drive, a dense Northern California forest. Check out THIS GALLERY of shots I took last time I was there. There is also a quirky B n' B I stayed out that had a guard Macaw and made amazing homemade Mexican tortillas and chorizo; just blocks from the beach and barking Sea Lions. A great mini vacation.

santa cruz engagement session