Wedding FAQ

Do we need two photographers?
I generally suggest two when you have around 120 people attending your wedding. If you have 300+ you NEED two.

Obviously having two photographers gets you more photographs but you also get a perspective of things that weren't happening directly around you.

Do we need a first look?
Sure, if you want to. I get lots of couples saying they were told they need a first look or that it saves photo taking time. My answer is, not really. If you have always wanted that moment of seeing each other for the first time on the aisle. Don't change it for anyone. Most times couples feel goofy with first looks/first sights. Many of them have lived together and seeing them come around the door has no significance.

How do you shoot both photo and video?
I have a large elaborate contraption and look like Dr. Octopus. Hahahaha. No, I have someone shoot the video with me while I take the photos. I then edit and do all the final touches myself. This is the same cinematographer/team that I use for the majority of my films. If you are curious about a specific film, just ask.

What are the albums like?
You need one. Check them out here. They are handmade and come with a lifetime guarantee. This has been tested and they live up to it. I use two companies that I consider make the best albums available. They are custom designed by me and you. There are so many incredible options available to make your album truly yours.

Were not getting married in Colorado,
Will you shoot our engagement photos?
Of course. Keep in mind they come with my wedding collections and in most cases having me shoot your destination wedding may be cheaper and certainly more personal that paying for a local photographer you just met that day. I am always looking to try new things in exciting places. Check out THIS PAGE for some wild ideas that come with big discounts!

We want sunset photos. How do we do those?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE sunsets. First, you need a location that you can actually see the horizon and the sunset. Otherwise you just get color cast into the clouds, which is a close second. I will keep and eye on the sun and it will most likely be setting during dinner. I will let you know its "go time" and we can run out real quick to get them. Obviously we are at the whim of mother nature. Sometimes they are amazing and sometimes they only show for a minute or two. My favorite time is about 30 minutes before the time noted as "sunset." (Which is generally the time when the sun is behind the horizon).

What do we wear for engagement photos?
How many outfits?
Anything besides all black. With black it's hard to decern detail and you kinda look like floating heads. I don't limit the number of outfits, but the sun does. Too many changes can eat up time away from whats called the "Magic Hour or Golden Hour." The time for those awesome sunset shots.

What's your shooting style?
Will you help with posing?
I say I am a portrait photographer that loves to shoot candids. I shoot candids the majority of the day. I won't tell you how to put your makeup on, but I might suggest on better spots to do it though. Portriats are the time where I'll ask you to stand in some really neat location or light. From there I will give suggestions and adjustments that might be distracting from the overall photograph.

When you are comfortable and having fun, we get the best results. I'll never have you do some awkward pose that simply isnt you. Generally, if a wedding coordinator says something like, "Everyone does their portraits here." I generally will turn around and go somewhere else or if there is nothing else, I will shoot it in a way no one else has. You are unique and so should your photos.

Do you work with an assistant?
Do they shoot?
Absolutely! It makes everything faster and better. If your family or bridal party needs anything they are there to help. They do not shoot, I feel its a waste a good photographer to have them lug gear all day and not very helpful to the team if they are trying to photograph when I need someone to hold a light.

Can I print my images?
Yes. You will have a print release. I suggest using the lab contained within your web gallery. Keep in mind that an 8x10 is not large. Its for sitting on the self or desk. It will look silly on the wall all alone. My favorite size for a wall art is a 20x30. It's large but not massive and not tiny. *TIP If you plan on printing something large send me an email and I will make sure it will come out perfect. Any wall art ordered from me will be fully retouched. I have a really neat software that we can design all your pieces and project them onto your wall at actual scale. So you can actually see how they would feel in your space and home. It's really cool!

If you print at Walgreens/Target/Etc, make sure to tell them to turn off the auto color correct so those awesome sunset shots don't come out muddy and gross.

How does payment work?
50% deposit secures your date. The remainder is due within 30 days of your wedding. If you would like to break out the final payment I can create a schedule that works for you.

Are the images edited?
Of course. Out of camera they look kind of flat so I have the most dynamic range possible. The editing will fit the photograph, moment, mood. I stay natural and do not add any wacky filters to maintain a classic, timeless look. Any wall art that you order through me will be fully retouched and I add further enhancements.

What is retouching?
Retouching can be amazing and easily overdone. Check out this page for examples and more info. I sit down with the photo for long while concentrating on the color and tone, removing elements such as stray hairs; anything that is distracting. I will retouch skin while retaining the texture. You will have pores and not be a blurry/glowy mess. I will retouch your eyes without making you look like a vampire. Again, staying in reality; albiet a hightened one.

How do I book my date?
Shoot me an email or fill out the form on my contact page and lets find the collection that works best for you or we can make a custom one.

Can I get a discount?
Yes! Check out THIS PAGE for some of the things I want to try/test or amazing locations I'd like to wander with you. If something jumps out at you, let me know and lets make it happen.