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I am highly influenced by nature and love outdoor colorado weddings. I am definitely a Fall wedding photographer. I think Autumn is, by far, the most beautiful and magical season. I am also obsessed with sunsets. A grove of Aspen trees in the fall can look like a sunset; almost like it's on fire. There is something so calming and simple to lie down in some leaves and listen to the wind as it moves through the aspen trees.

dramatic-wedding-photo-fog-golden-colorado loving-wedding-photo-bw-black-white winter-park-wedding-sunset-colorado wedding-couple-first-dance-colorado-devils-thumb groomsmen-goofy-jumping-steamboat-springs-mountain winter-park-wedding-sunset-colorado super-red-sunset-bridal-portrait red-rocks-bridal-photo.jpg wedding-bride-groom-photos-mountains-redmountain-silverton-durango dad-daughter-tired-wedding-reception wedding-boquet-toss-funny-reception-denver wedding-couple-at-sunset-by-the-lake wedding-couple-larkspur-sedalia-hugging-fall wedding-couple-lanterns-night-aspen-trees