Wedding Photography Reviews

Read real reviews of real couples and thier experience working with me. I am very proud of these and happy to consider my couples not clients, but friends. I also have several couples who are more than willing to chat with you and provide a reference to me and it also doesn't hurt to hear the perspective of recently married couples.
"I trusted Dylan, his love for adventure & his knowledge of the area. I am so glad that we chose him to be our photographer because his eye for detail is incredible. Every time I look at our photos, it brings me back to our trip & the wonderful memories he helped us create."
- Maria & Mike
colorado mountain wedding photo
"Dylan is willing to do anything, try anything and really push the boundaries for incredible photos. He works SOOO incredibly hard for you and really takes pride in his work."
- Erin & Nic
"I cannot tell you how lucky we are to have someone who can look at these crazy ideas and take them above and beyond. Dylan is absolutely amazing. He takes the time and the risk to get the most unbelievable shots. Every response I've received from people who see our photos is one of awe and speechlessness."
- Megan & Eric
denver wedding photography
Winter park wedding photographer
"He knows how to calm an anxious bride-to-be and even give helpful tips to a husband-to be over a beer. The day of, Dylan masterfully navigates the natural chaos of wedding with grace. He's the quintessential mix of being laid back enough to go with the flow while also attending to the details that matter most. He is the guy you want there on your wedding day."
- Audrey & Justin
"We were so comfortable with Dylan, it felt more like a friend taking our photos rather than a photographer we found on the internet. My only piece of advice for brides reading this is: Trust Him. Even when you think he might be crazy. Like telling you to stand under a half-dead willow tree with flies and other bugs on your wedding day, do it. Have complete trust in his vision—those photos were completely magical and ended up being our absolute favorites!"
- Laurel & Erik
denver wedding photography
Winter park wedding photographer
"He greeted us with enthusiasm and creatively began working on how he could make our wedding memorable. It was a shock to finally talk to someone that was as excited for our big day as we were. There are many hard decisions for your wedding, Dylan isn't one of them!"
- Aliesha & John
"Besides the amazing photos that speak for themselves, Dylan is a cool guy to get to hang out with, he made it a point to learn our style and personalities and when he was shooting our wedding we enjoyed having him around, good times for sure."
- Katie & Mike
silverpick lodge wedding durango
chicago wedding photography
"On our wedding day, Dylan made sure to make us feel comfortable to create beautiful and artistic images that captured the spirit of our relationship."
- Jen & JT
"Dylan has the magic to capture the best shots possible and make everyone look like the latest Hollywood celebrity in People magazine (no, you still look just like you, only he captures how you're feeling
on the inside)!"
- Lily & Jeremy
cheeseman park wedding denver colorado
wild basin lodge wedding allenspark colorado
"My husband and I have had SO MUCH FUN working with Dylan. We hadn’t initially planned on having a video of our wedding, but it was absolutely the best decision we could have made."
- Allison & Bill
"Dylan is a badass family man that loves photography. He is educated, skilled, creative, and easy-going. He really, actually, truly does want your pictures to be you. That's his style. He will give you direction if you want it, otherwise, just do what you do and he'll work with it."
- Katie & Dave
mount vernon country club wedding
stone mountain lodge wedding lyons colorado
"I was amazed at the beauty, emotion, and love that was captured in the stills of our wedding day. And those emotions are magnified tenfold in our video."
- Erin & Travis
"My husband and I have grown close to Dylan and love his artful mind. We have enjoyed watching our film and all of our photos are wonderful! We have gotten so many compliments on our photos as well as our film."
- Krista & Kaleb
blackstone country club wedding aurora colorado