Arapahoe County Courthouse Wedding

Centennial, Colorado
Janna + Ralph
arapahoe county courthouse wedding

Even the smallest wedding deserves celebration. Janna and Ralph married each other at the Arapahoe County Courthouse and then we did some portraits in nearby Cherry Creek State Park.

Getting married in during Covid is definitely tricky, while we are all dealing with it far better than in 2020 and we know so much more about the disease, you still need to either have some flexibility or trim it all back to just the basics.

When Janna and I first talked she only wanted some photos in a nearby park. I urged her to have me capture the ceremony at the courthouse. She felt it was too small and inconsequential and not really worthy of photographing.

On one level I agree with her, I highly doubt I would be taking any "award-winning" photographs in the bland courtroom. For me, that is never the point really of photography. My first goal is to document important events in our lives. The secondary goal would be to do it in an artistic manner if possible.

It was very important to capture that moment when she and Ralph make those everlasting promises to each other. Even if the judge had a post-it note with their names in his binder so he wouldn't forget them during our 10 minute exchange.

When they look back on this day and share the photos with family and potentially have children, they will love to see them and hear the story.

If you're looking to get married and keeping everything barebones with awesome portraits and still want some photos at the courthouse, LET'S DO IT! Check out this page for links to the nearest courthouse to you for your wedding license. How to Apply for a Colorado Marriage License.

Likewise, you can always pick up your license and then sign it while on your photo adventure and mail it in. There are lots of options in Colorado.

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