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What you
is what you

Wedding Photography Experience

Spectacular photos and great experiences take careful planning.

The planning process starts with location. I will ask you what type of scenery you prefer down to the leaves on the trees. I will find it and make sure that we get off the beaten path so you can have photos that no one has ever seen before. You’ll get a beautiful balance of majestic scenery with intimate and emotive photos.

rocky mountain national park elopement adventure wedding waterfall cinemagraph

The only thing I don’t really do is a hyper detailed shot list. Here’s why ... They take you out of the present moment. If you’re busy crossing shots off the list, you’ll miss the serendipitous moments, the ones that will never happen again. I have an plan, I just leave room for those "happy accidents."

in the

...that’s where I want you to be. I’ll be right there with you.

How does it work?

~ CONNECTION ~ It's so important that we are a good fit for eachother. I want to get to know you both as a couple. What are you passionate about? How you met. When you knew, this was your person. What's most important for you two? It all matters. I will feel like a long time friend who you can trust to capture your day authentically so you can relax and live in the moment. I am always just an email or phone call away to help with any questions.

~ GETTING REAL ~ I don't have weird poses or a way for you to be. I will offer suggestions on things to do or talk about; things that help you connect and be how you are together. They're really just a starting point to get you comfortable and forget I am even there with a camera.

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thinking of

More and more couples are opting to get married their way. That could be just the two of your in the forest or you and 15 of your favorite people. It removed the pressures of a big wedding, opens you up to have more fun and more stress free. You don't have to have everything planned, I love meeting with couples and discovering what is most important to them and finding a unique and special location for them.

What's Included?

~ Custom Locations ~ I do the research for you to find those awesome special spots that get you the views and the experience you are after. Not just in Colorado, but worldwide. But, I did grow up here in Colorado and know it well for some extra insight into some awesome areas. I will present several options based off of your interested and the activities you want to do during the day.

~ Custom Timelines ~ I create my timelines based off your preferences of wanting to be in a certain place at a certain time of day and build around that adding in travel time, some safe buffer time, and obviously time for fun. All while staying relaxed and not rushed.

~ Vendors ~ I help with vendor recommendations if you want hair/makeup help, flowers, cake, picnic planners, etc. Just cause it's an elopement doesn't mean you can integrate these things.

~ Lodging Help ~ I am very familiar with most of Colorado and have a good real-world idea of what places are like around the state. I also know all sorts of fun quirky things to do and visit near our chosen location. While there is VRBO and Airbnb, there are also camping locations and nice historic hotels. It just depends on what you're looking for.

~ Activities ~ I am a big music nerd, lover of whiskey and beer, a bit of a foodie, I love the outdoors (camping and hiking), 4x4 and motocycling, snowboarding. If it's a thing you can do in Colorado, I probably have experience and can definitely help you do it too. Short story... you want to do something fun and kinda crazy, I either have... or I will. I've even rode a couch on 4 skateboards down a highway in a team of 4 people. Maybe that wasn't the smartest idea, but it sure was fun!

"There aren't words to adequately express how pleased and impressed we were with Dylan. He definitely has the "eye" and we were blown away with our pictures for both our engagement session and wedding. The cherry on top is that he was so much fun to work with and had us laughing the entire time."
Christina + Rob

Love and Light

A purposeful pursuit

I am always looking for slivers of light. I’m setting the scene, processing, watching, waiting for it until… Click! And you are framed perfectly, surrounded in cinematic light.

I craft every image with precision and care but I’m also there to capture the candids that show who you really are.

I know what you're thinking...

“Oh, my photos won’t look like THAT.”

“I’m not photogenic.”

“We’re awkward.”

“Those gorgeous shots always work for other people, but not me.”

All I have to say is that I hear you, 100%, but also... Poppycock! I got you! I give lots of feedback, throw out some kooky jokes or inspiring prompts that set the scene where you look and feel your best.

colorado sunset light couples engagement photos
"He somehow makes the most awkward couple photograph perfectly."
Stephanie + David
"What this guy does with lighting is nothing short of ahhh-mazing!"
Beth + Devon
"The photos are stunning, clear, crisp, and the way he uses natural light just takes my breath away"
Veronica + Jake
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Wedding Photography Collections

It is super easy to work with me.

Are you having a wedding (50+ people) or
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Wedding Collections
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Think of these collections as a Choose Your Own Adventure story. From your starting point you choose what you want rather than just going with a package that has a bunch of stuff you don’t need.
    ~ INCLUDES ~
  • Tips, Tricks, Logistics & Planning Help and Tools
  • All High Res Images in a Secured & Private Online Gallery
  • Image Slideshow
  • Curated Collections of Black and White Images
  • Complementary Album Design
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Elopement / Small Wedding Collections
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This collection starts with 2 hours of coverage and then you can add hours or add-ons from there. Off peak dates are weekdays from June to September and all other days.
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  • Tips, Timing, Logistics & Planning Help and Expertise
  • Personalized Elopement Locations
  • Customized Timeline for the day
  • Obtain all photo permits
  • All High Res Images in a Secure Personal Gallery
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  • Image Slideshow
  • Curated Collections of Black and White Images
  • Image Delivery in 10 Days
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  • Engagement Session w/ Book or Canvas
  • Mystery Experience
  • Additional Hour of Coverage
  • Additional Photographer
  • Rehearsal Dinner Coverage (1hr)
  • Hybrid Tin Type Portrait Session
  • Handmade Wedding Album
  • Custom Wood Keepsake Box with USB
  • Adventure Session
  • Full Image Retouching to 50 Images
  • Full Day* Coverage by Dylan Burr
Let's do this!
Bucket List
bucket list wedding locations

I’ve been doing this for over 13 years and I love every minute of it. I also get the itch to explore new locations and use different artistic approaches. Below are some of my dream locations. Some I have been to, some I have not.

Feeling adventurous? Take a look and tell me when to pack my bags! My passport is ready.


Iceland is incredible. I would plan for 4-10 days or so. I mean, just watch these videos. Traveling on the ring road would be amazing.

Argentina/Chile ~ Patagonia

The mountains here are insane and I would love to photograph you in and around them. Obviously we would be there for a few days so I would love to brainstorm a variety of locations and incorporate some personal time for you two of course.

argentina elopement in patagonia
Northern California / San Francisco / Santa Cruz

I was able to shoot a few weddings near Monterey and up in the Humbolt Redwoods. I also spent some extra time wandering around San Francisco and Santa Cruz. I found some incredible spots that we can shoot along some cliffs, amazing trees and beaches, and within 20 minute drive, a dense Northern California forest. Check out THIS GALLERY of shots I took last time I was there. There is also a quirky B n' B I stayed out that had a guard Macaw and made amazing homemade Mexican tortillas and chorizo; just blocks from the beach and barking Sea Lions. A great mini vacation.

santa cruz engagement session
Rivera Maya, Mexico

I was able to shoot a few weddings in the Rivera Maya in Mexico, and I love it. So much so I have a membership at a resort (Moon Palace).

I would love to help you plan the beach / jungle wedding of your dreams. Or, you can go wild and get married in the jungle or a cenote and visit some Mayan sites.

While all inclusive resorts are amazing. I LOVE exploring and go on snorkeling trips, visiting Mayan Ruins, and exploring the above and underground cenotes. In addition to your wedding, we can do some photo adventures to some of the coolest places I've found. I have underwater gear and a mini drone... lots of options.

There is so many options around Cancun: Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel.

There are so many amazing things to do and see in the Riviera Maya. The sky is the limit and I am in for those crazy ideas of yours too.

Tulum Mexico mexico cenote aerial view mexico underground cenote water level
And if that
Wasn't Enough,

here are some other location ideas:

National Locations

North Cascades National Park

This national park is ridiculous. It's located in Washington and super close to Canada. It has several large and dynamic mountain ranges all intersect here. It yields for a view that has many valleys that you can view from a mountain peak at one time. It’s pretty incredible. Lots to see and do.

north cascades national park elopement
Olympic National Park

Rainforests and Mountains, oh my. I mean, just look at this photo and you get the idea of why we would go here.

It's an hour from the coast of Washington. Talk about a two-fer. The park is 4 ish hours from Seattle and you pass though Aberdeen. If that rings a bell, you might be a fan of Nirvana or the Melvins.

olympic national park washington coast
Oregon Coast

The idea here would be to road trip the 101 along the cost and just explore and see what we see and take photos of it all.

Ya know, stuff like this...

Oregon Coast Oregon Ocean
Mt. Hood National Forest

Just outside of Portland is a giant volcano. Its pretty surreal to see. This massive mountain just rips right up from the ground. Who doesn't want to explore the forest around a volcano?

mt hood waterfall
Crater Lake

Another Geological marvel is Crater Lake National Park. It's a volcano that collapsed into itself losing up to 3500 feet. Then 740 years ago, it filled with water to make the lake.

crater lake national park

Hawaii really does have it all. Jungle, beaches, waterfalls, mountains, epic hiking, surfing, active volcanoes, desert, lava tubes, and wild pigs.

So much to do in this place beyond visit Jurrasic Park filming locations. Although, we can do that too. Hahahaha.

Oh the food, culture, and music. I can't wait.

Salt Flats

Exchange your vows in an other-worldly landscape. One part high desert, one part other planet.

A key time of year to go here would be in the spring. Email me and I will tell you why.

salt flats
Mono Lake

Sticking to the desert for some weird landscape is Mono Lake. Towers of calcite form in a lake in constant fluctuation and transformation. This is very close to salt flats and desert landscapes as well.

mono lake
Yosemite National Park

In the shadow of El Capitan! There's a lot more to this park than this awesome mountain. Giant mountains and valleys and a weird annual natural event called firefall. This park has a lot to offer.

Sequoia National Park

This park has incredible giant trees that are truly hard to get the scale of. There's waterfalls, caves, and lakes. You can even drive through a tree.

sequoia national park
South Carolina

South Carolina has a lot going on. Nice beaches and food. I am in it for the trees! Look at these. Wow.

large oak tree tree lined street in south carolina
Savanna, Georgia

I think what draws me to Savanna is again its nature and style. There is a lot of history here too. I love the mossy oak trees, its close to the ocean and the city itself has a lot of character.

Savanna Georgia
International Locations

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Don't get me wrong, I think most of Scotland would be amazing to visit, but if I had to pick a spot it would be the Isle of Skye. It has a very unique quality to it and looks magical. The weather can be all over the place here which I feel just adds to the mystique and increases the variation we can achieve.

Scotland fairy pools Scotland highlands Storr Scotland Scotland labyrinth

So much culture, style and delicious food. Morrocco is great. Just walking the city is a great experience and yields great photo opportunities. There are several areas outside of the cities to visit as well... oasis' and such.

morocco blue buildings morocco mosque

Llamas, Alpacas, crazy mountains, massive monoliths, and Chicha and Pisco Sours. Lots of amazing nature, hiking, and ancient architecture to explore. Come for the views, stay for the food and culture.

My wife and I recently went on our 15th wedding anniversary to Lima, Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Sacsayhuaman, Maccu Piccu, Aguas Calientes. It was an incredible trip and so much to see and do. The food is incredible.

I want to go back and share it with you!

I would love to help you plan a trip.

maccu piccu cusco peru

Ireland has to much to see and so much variation is hard to list it all. You have lush valley's, giant seaside cliffs, a rock everyone kisses, magical forests, cities full of culture, and some of the oddest and most unique landscape there is.

cliffs of moher giants causeway dark hedges

I visited Amsterdam a few years ago and thought it had so much charm and style. There's a museum for EVERYTHING you can think of and they are Coo Coo for bicycles. You also haven't lived until you've had a fresh stroopwaffle.

There are lots of cool spots to explore and take awesome photos around Amsterdam, but there is so much more outside of the city too. There is a an old village that the only way to get to it is my a super small boat, the windmills, and you can't forget the fields and fields of tulips.

exploring amsterdam

Seaside crazy mountains and fjords galore! Norway just has an unbeatable landscape.

Norway norway fjords norway mountains

Sweden has similar landscape to Norway in the north, but in the lowlands you have Stockholm, a city scattered acrossed 14 islands. It is home to the 13th-century Storkyrkan Cathedral, the Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace and the Nobel Museum. You can take many ferries to neighboring islands including one with 16 disc golf courses!

stockholm sweden

It may be a bit of surprise, but Slovenia has incredible scenery. It's not really talked about much, which may helps make it awesome, and has less people. It's part costal, part mountains, lake and waterfalls. LOTS to see and do if you love the outdoors.


Not just for Game of Thrones fans, but anyone who loves history and the Mediterranean. There's really cool mountains that overlook the sea, a walled city, and also some neaby islands you can visit.


Egypt doesn't really need a decription really. There are so many options here. Historical, architectural, the meditteranean sea, the nile river, desert oasis'. Lots to experience and see.

I have a few Egyptian friends and others who have traveled here recently, and they say its pretty safe if you stick to the main areas and don't wander off. Devise a plan and stick with your tour or group or guide.

So not as free-range as I usually like it, but I can work with that to be able to visit these incredible sites.

egypt elopement
Dolemite Mountains, Italy

I am a sucker for mountains and these certainly deliver. These are some of the most peaky, craggy mountains around. I love that they aren't so tall that it's just rock. The treeline and base of the mountain isn't that far from the valley. So you get this massive grand lanscapes, mountain peaks, rivers, trees, all in the same shot.

dolemites italy

Turkey has some incredibly old history to experience. Also the Grand Bazzar is the largest indoor market in the world. Turkey has also some amazing natural scenery as well. There is even an ancient cave city that was dug by hand you can stay in! I have lots of ideas.

cistern basilica grand bazaar caldonia

I went to Barcelona for part of my honeymoon, if you love a city with lots of character, art and the ocean. It's a great idea for you. The food here leans more Mediterranean vs Spanish. You have to go more north for classic Spanish food. That means you get lots of options. Some of the best dim sum I've ever had was here. They take Siesta very seriously here. People disappear midday. Its kind of weird until you realize what is going on. Something the U.S. could probably benefit from.

There are many amazing locations in Spain. You have the mountains to the north, Madrid in the middle, and Seville and the Strait of Gibraltar to the south.

Spain is the place to be if you're a big Salvador Dali fan too!

parc guell Sagrada la Familia barcelona park

Portugal has an amazing coast line and architecture, and Seville and the Strait of Gibraltar to the south. Lisbon is a great spot as it's in some hilly country but also right on the coast. Lost of variety and options.

portugal portugal coast

Mountains that rise up out of the ocean? Caves and cayaks? Waterfalls? OK!

thailand boats thailand beach thailand waterfalls
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I love learning about history and different cultures. I love it even more to experience those place in person. There is no other way to take in the full impact a place has to offer. Side note: I stared in awe of the Pantheon the first time I saw it for at least 10 full minutes.

This is such a place that I would love to see, learn, and wonder just how such a giant site with such great design and style was contructed.

cambodia ankor wat cambodia tree growing on building ankor wat

This particular spot in China just seems impossible. There are monestaries on top of some of these mountain pillars. It is really other worldly.

Chinese mountains
Where Do You Want to Explore?

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