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Wedding Photography Experience

Spectacular photos and great experiences take careful planning.

The planning process starts with location. I will ask you what type of scenery you prefer down to the leaves on the trees (or the color of brick, if urban settings are more your thing). I will find that place, scout it out, and make sure that we get off the beaten path so you can have photos that no one has ever seen before. You’ll get a beautiful balance of majestic scenery with intimate and emotive photos.

rocky mountain national park elopement adventure wedding waterfall cinemagraph

The only thing I don’t really do is a shot list. Here’s why ... I just think they set unrealistic expectations and can take you out of the present moment. If you’re busy crossing shots off the list, you’ll miss the serendipitous moments, the ones that will never happen again.

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...that’s where I want you to be. I’ll be right there with you.

"There aren't words to adequately express how pleased and impressed we were with Dylan. He definitely has the "eye" and we were blown away with our pictures for both our engagement session and wedding. The cherry on top is that he was so much fun to work with and had us laughing the entire time."
Christina + Rob

Love and Light

A purposeful pursuit

I am always looking for slivers of light. I’m setting the scene, processing, watching, waiting for it until… Click! And you are framed perfectly, surrounded in cinematic light.

I craft every image with precision and care but I’m also there to capture the candids that show who you really are.

I know what you're thinking...

“Oh, my photos won’t look like THAT.”

“I’m not photogenic.”

“We’re awkward.”

“Those gorgeous shots always work for other people, but not me.”

All I have to say is that I hear you, 100%, but also... Poppycock! I got you! I give tons of feedback, throw out some kooky or inspiring prompts that set the scene where you look and feel your best.

colorado sunset light couples engagement photos
"He somehow makes the most awkward couple photograph perfectly."
Stephanie + David
"What this guy does with lighting is nothing short of ahhh-mazing!"
Beth + Devon
"The photos are stunning, clear, crisp, and the way he uses natural light just takes my breath away"
Veronica + Jake
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With your family portraits, they need direction. Otherwise, it just takes an eternity and your family starts getting antsy as to when their turn is.

It's not weird or forced but certainly things like... stand here, everyone look this way, etc.

I have a default list I send to my couples that have the usual suspects (immediate family) that you can replace with names for me and feel free to add more portraits if you'd like.

Doing it this way it's super simple, everyone knows what's going on as it has a natural progression, and it takes generally 15 minutes or so.

Have some questions?

Who doesn't?
Check my Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Un-Asked Questions pages for answers to common questions. Things like: "How many images will we receive?" "How do we book you" "What are your albums like?"

Do you offer discounts?

I do for some crazy ideas and places I'd love to photograph you in.
Check out my bucket list page for those.