Breckenridge VRBO Elopement Wedding

Breckenridge, Colorado
Jessica + Matt
breckenridge vrbo elopement wedding

You want to get married but don't want a traditional venue? If you're like Jessica and Matt you can rent a Airbnb or VRBO vacation home and have your wedding your way. Now, this certainly doesn't work when you have 120 guests but if you have 15... It can be a lot of fun and you can do it the way you want.

Weddings at vacation homes are becoming more popular and a completely viable idea for a wedding. In most cases, you save quite a bit of money or at least you can prioritize it vs spending $$$$$ on table coverings. Now that doesn't mean with this DIY approach that things can't be fancy and glamorous. They most certainly can. It's just easier to achieve on a smaller scale. One thing to keep in mind is that some vacation homes aren't allowed to host events so be sure to check out the info in the description of the airbnb or vrbo you are interested in. Most times it comes down to the guest count and time of day you are having a "party." Just make sure to check those details prior to booking your vacation rental.

J and M opted to have their ceremony is a clearing of the forest just behind the house they were staying at. It was a little touchy getting down there for some guests in the snow but it was goregous. Jessica was super excited for her smoke bomb shots with thier bridal party. As the smoke hung in the air and blended together it was really cool to see it showcase the light cutting through the trees.

After that, it was onto the photo adventure around Breckenridge to capture some amazing sunlight and those big mountain views.

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