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A Camera Intro Class by Dylan burr

or... How I learned to calm down and enjoy taking better pictures.
camera intro class colorado wedding photographer dylan burr

This introductory class is designed to give you the confidence to understand the key terms in photography and take the power back from your camera. It will do your bidding! I've created a simple way to break down ISO, shutter speed, F-stop and how they relate so you can make your camera do what you want and you will have the foundation to trouble shoot those blurry photos.

How Much? $125 for 3 Hours of Fun

I've broken the class into 2 hours of training and dad jokes. Then another hour at Cherry Creek State Park where you can test out your newfound genius and I'll be on hand to help. That's 3 hours of thrilling info and camera foolery.

When is it? June 17th 2017 1:00PM
Smoky Hill Library
5430 S Biscay Circle, Centennial CO

In the class I will go over the key terms you need to understand to make sucessful photographs you will be proud of. I'll also go over the crap you don't need to know. It's not all about Megapixels and what the camera nerds will tell you. I'll also cover the various shooting modes and when you would want to use them. You will leave the class shooting in MANUAL and loving it! I'll go over camera gear and give you the low down how to get started on the cheap. SECRET - its not about using a $2000 lens. If you don't have a camera I will give you some tips on what to look for in a camera.

After this class, I will have classes covering editing, lighting, and video. By taking this class you will receive a discount when I do those.

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I am available for all of Colorado and destination weddings and engagements. I love to wander.

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