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colorado bridal portrait session

I don't get many requests to do Bridal photo sessions here in Colorado. It's not really a tradition here. Kara's family is from Arkansas and it is certainly "a thing" you do there. I can get extra time to spend with a beautiful bride taking photos? Count me in!

What is a bridal session?

Bridal portrait sessions are basically portraits of just the bride one or two months prior to the wedding. They can wear a variety of outfits - their rehearsal dinner dress, after-party dress, post wedding brunch, and of course, the wedding dress. It's a fun way to document the outfits and bride is various locations without the pressure of the wedding day timeline.

Should you do a bridal photo session?

It is a great way to commemorate this stage in your life before getting married. It also works as a good opportinity to work with your photographer prior to the wedding to get a feel for how they work and what makes you look your best. It's also a good time to have your hair and makeup trial done and see how it looks on camera.

What do I wear for bridal photo session?

There is no real hard fast rule for these. A way to think about it is the session is for you to celebrate yourself prior to being married. You can wear your outfits that you'll be wearing for your wedding events. Things like your rehearsal dinner dress, reception dress, after party dress, day after outfit, honeymoon outfits. Basically the attire that you might not be able to get professionally photographed. You can also wear your wedding dress.

Bring all those accesories like shoes, jewlery, purses, clutches to complete your looks. Whatever helps you feel your best.

Where should you take bridal session photos?

In Kara's case, you was a former nanny for a family that lives here. She's spent a lot of time in this park and it holds a special place in her heart. I would focus on a location that you have a connection to. A place that has meaning for your life prior to being married. This is a great way to commemorate that time.

I arrived early and wandered around for a bit planning out ideas and I was greeted with a friendly and curious deer. I thought to myself, how awesome would it be to have some deer in Kara's portraits and thankfully, we were lucky enough a few came by to visit for a bit. Of course no session ends without a pretty awesome colorado sunset.

When should have your bridal photo session?

One to two months prior is a good timeframe. By that point you would have settled on what you are wearing and have planned all the little details and accessories as well. It's also a good time to have your trial hair and makeup done.

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