Colorado Elopement Wedding with Dogs

Idaho Springs, Colorado
Samantha + Stephen
elope in colorado mountains with dogs

It's no secret Colorado has a lot to offer. We have deserts with giant dunes, rivers, wide open prairie, alpine lakes, and of course, mountains. Sam and Stephen had to have a Colorado Elopement Wedding with their Dogs. You can even have them stamp your marriage license!

If you aren't sure where you want to exchange your vows, no problem. I LOVE helping couples find unique amazing spots. You will find lots of locations online that look great, but they are also super popular and busy. I don't know about you but I don't go into the mountains to wait my turn to see amazing views and breathe that fresh crisp air. I will find you those special off-the-path spots for you.

Samantha and Steven rehabbed a van into a camper and came out from Georgia on their long roadtrip across the US which included picking up a close friend in New York. They did care where, they just wanted a place with giant mountain views and to bring their dogs. I AM IN!

After a little bit of 4-wheeling we settled on a this spot. Views for days and awesome pine trees. We started with a little picnic, hiked up higher for their ceremony, and then of course had to have a snowball fight.

After Colorado they continued their roadtrip honeymoon as they went out to drive down the coast from Oregon to California. Then along the southern border on their way back home to Georgia. Sounds like a fun and huge amazing trip to me.

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I am available for all of Colorado and destination weddings, elopements, and engagements. I love to wander.

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