Colorado Mountain Marriage Proposal

Clayton + Kaitlin
colorado mountain marriage proposal

Wedding proposals are so much fun and challenging. I love brainstorming with couples to create a really memorable experience. I also get the chance to work on my ninja skills to stay hidden until the right moment or blend in with a crowd.

It really is a fun and delicate balance to find spots that speak to them, offer fun variety, and ways for me to either just be there in plain sight or places to hide. Nothing is weirder when you're deep in the forest and feel pretty certain you're all alone and What!!! Who is that? Why are they here? Why so many cameras? I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Clayon and Kaitlin were coming to Colorado for a short visit from their home in the south and wanted to find a good spot to pop the question. First thing to consider is if you want people around or absolutely don't want people around. Some people might enjoy the public grand gesture while others might melt into a puddle.

Clayton wanted to do it with some privacy but also not with hours of driving away from "civilization" in hopes to keep the surprise and have it something similar to what they would do on vacation. Go for a mini hike but not too insane.

I found just a spot and gave Clayton a semi-detailed map on how to get there as the plan was for me to be up there hiding in the trees and they would walk up and at some point, he would ask. I didn't know so it was exciting for me too.

Now is the nervy part. Everyone is on time but will he find the spot off the trail? Will I see or hear them. Can't I get closer and not be spotted? Agghhhhh. It's all so much fun.

I spot Katlin meandering up the hill and then see Clayton soon behind. To mu surprise he asked her right away and didn't spend much time prior. I then pop out of the trees and he points me out and we all have a good laugh. After the big moment we just wandered around and had fun and a champagne toast. It was a fun and eventful morning.

Congratulatios you two!

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