Confetti Backyard Wedding

Sierra + Kellan
confetti backyard wedding

Sierra and Kellan's confetti backyard wedding was most certainly one of the most unique wedding ceremonies I have ever been apart of. Like most things in life, Sierra and Kellan find their own way to do and experience things. They are both not the type of people to adhere to expectations or what would be called the "social norms."

The initial plan was a somewhat larger backyard wedding in 2020. Once that got moved Sierra and Kellan had already planned a trip back to Colorado and opted to have mountain elopement wedding with just the two of them. You can see those photos here. We found a super cool spot in the mountains for them to share their vows to each other, in their own way.

Since the wedding got pushed to 2021. I thought it would just be a big party. It was so much more. They did have a ceremony of sorts where Sierra and Kellan entered in the opposite direction that everyone thought they were coming from to be told..."Hey guys, what are you looking at?" Everyone turned around with a big laugh.

The two then proceeded to share the long story of how they met and knew they were each others person. All the while putting their friends on the spot to share their view of the relationship. None of them knew they would be speaking so it was a very Kellan thing to do and make people uncomfortable but it also made people speak from the heart and not copy paste some garblygook they researched on Google.

Sierra LOVES confetti so of course there was A TON of it flung into the air at the end. The confetti was also a fun thing that continued into the night. Kellan and his guys handpainted a photo booth and they also had a tattoo parlor that a niece took over and proceeded to tattoo everyone. Yes, I got one too. How could I say no?

They certainly did it their way and I love them for that.

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