Denver Greek Wedding

Assumption of the Theotokos Cathedral
Denver, Colorado
Michell + Yannis
denver greek wedding in downtown denver

Yannis grew up attending church and school at Assumption of the Theotokos Cathedral so it makes complete sense that they would get married here. If you've ever been in the Glendale or Cherry Creek area there's no missing its amazing golden dome. When my daughter was about 3 we drove by and she remarked, "That's where I live." Hahahahha, that little goofball.

Some of the best people and families I have met in my life were Greek. They are so welcoming, fun-loving and oh... the FOOD is amazing.

When we were wandering around I spotted the playground and though it would be funny to hop on the spring rides and Yannis said it was great cause he went to school here and played on these when he was like 4 or 5.

The reception was filled with some very touching speaches from the best man and matron of honor as well as Yannis' father. The music was a ton of fun and everyone joined in for the dancing. I was also witness to one of the craziest dollar dances with money flying everywhere. It was a ton of fun.

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