Pagosa Springs Wedding Elopement

Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Kelsey + Joe
pagosa springs elopement

Having a Pagosa Springs elopement wedding is the perfect idea for the couple that loves the mountains but doesn't want the crowds that are common with more popular and touristy mountain towns. Every little town in Colorado has its own vibe and Pagosa Springs is no exception. It's very laid back and hidden away in the state. You would want to get married here if you really want to get away surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Kelsey and Joe came out with their close family and a handful of close friends from the midwest to escape the flat mundanity. After getting ready at the vrbo rental we first had a first look outside while their private chef began to prepare dinner.

The weather seemed to be every evolving. Very common in this little valley. Which is nice as it won't stay rainy or boring for too long. Just gives more visual interest and I like the challenge.

After a mini photo adventure at some nearby sites I found we met everyone at the ceremony site for K+J to exchange vows. Their little goofy son couldn't seem to decide if we wanted to be in the wedding with his parents or rebel and stand to the side. Its hard being 3. Hahahah.

The bridal party, the couple and I then ventured off into the woods to this clearing for a pretty fantastic view. We then spent the time chasing the sunset as we traveled back to the house for dinner.

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