Rainy Wedding Ceremony at Villa Parker

Shay + Conlan
rainy wedding ceremony at villa parker colorado

This rainy wedding at Villa Parker will probably go down as the biggest downpours I've been in. The bride and groom handled it so well and laughed it off. It just adds to the story of the day in the end.

It was a typical June Colorado day. Started out pretty nice and then acted like it wanted to rain, then it started to sprinkle so we held off for a bit for the ceremony but it didnt progress and lightened up so we started. Then as soo as they started to share vows BOOM it just started pouring down. It was that amount of rain where you can hear it rush in and suddenly you are so wet you no longer feel the rain anymore, you are just soaked.

Fortunately, my team and I were prepared and had rain bags for all our gear so we could stay out in the rain and capture it all without compromise. Eventually the DJ's equiptment gave out and I hoped my audio for the video would be there. Sure enough it was. It made for a great funny film.

This couple are so cute together. They are young, but have been together for already 10 years. They've taken their time to begin their lives, go to school, and grow up and now it felt right to finally get married. What a way to do it.

The layout of the day and reception got a little snafu'd but they took it in stride and had an amazing time and so much fun with their friends and family at Villa Parker, just outside of Mainstreet in Parker Colorado. Its an interesting old house with a very Tuscan vibe that has been redone into a wedding venue. I tend to like it for the styling, and the giant field outside for sunsets.

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