Snowmass Colorado Elopement Wedding

Snowmass, Colorado
Natilie + James
Snowmass colorado elopement wedding st benedicts Monastery

Natilie and James' wedding was pretty unique. They rented a VRBO Airbnb in the Snowmass valley and opted to exchange vows outside in some nice Aspen trees before venturing out for their photo adventure. Natlie's daughter helped with their ceremony and self solemnization. Something that makes Colorado so attractive to get married in. You can marry yourselves! It's unique green brick building was start construction in 1958.

The house they stayed in was really interesting too. You could see that the original structure was a pretty small log cabin that they added on to at some point but preserving the log cabin. The results were this fun indoor outdoor feel with the edges of the original cabin inside the "house" portions. They kind of ran with it including a hanging porch swing inside the house. I thought it was a fun design idea.

Probably the best thing about their wedding was Natilie was adamant about not wearing white. She looked amazing in her black wedding dress I asked why and she just felt like it wasn't EVER her style and wanted her wedding to be her through and through. I loved that. Make and follow your own tradition. She looked fabulous, it was unique, and best of all, very her.

They really liked the architecture and location of St. Benedict's Monastery so we went there first. It's a really neat location just behind a couple of ranches up next to the mountains.

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