Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding

Boulder, Colorado
Alex + Brandon
sunrise amphitheater wedding

After getting legally married at the courhouse last year it was time to have a ceremony and they wanted a ceremony at the Sunrise Amphitheater in Boulder for their wedding. These two went through the ringer to plan their wedding. They are of the many who initially planned to get married in 2020. We all know how that went. After not being able to have their initial venue, they changed plans to get married in Mexico on the beach, then they were unable to travel. Finally, years later they get to say their vows in the mountains outside Boulder Colorado. Alex's brother did an amazing job officiating and integrating some inside jokes about hockey and their love for a particular beer mixture from The Denver Beer Company.

If you love this spot you can get a permit for your wedding here at the City of Boulder. It's a large stone structure with a center stage and several stone seating rings around it. There's also a large openspace in front of the ring if you have a smaller group to bring some chairs and sit closer. It is wheelchair accessable with a ramp, but there is no power. So you will have to bring your own sound equiptment for music or any microphones if you need them. It has a lots of parking as well. Restrooms aren't too far either. Fees range from $100 to $400 depending on time and if you are a Boulder resident. There aren't any structures to get ready in so I advise getting ready prior or you can be ingenious like Alex and bring an Ez-Up and make your own space.

Built in 1933 and finished in 1934 it was created as a part of the Civilian Conservation Corps work relief program. You can see some really neat photos of the construction here at the Boulder Public Library.

After their ceremony, we wandered around Flagstaff mountain for a mini photo adventure before heading down to The Club at Rolling Hills in Golden for their reception. It's a really nice little golf club kinda hidden up next to the mountains outside of downtown Golden.

As luck would have it I shot Alex dad's wedding years ago so it was such a great time to see everyone again and to see Alex through this next step in her life and to see her Dad's face light up when giving his great toast during the reception.

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