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Custom Wood USB drives

For lots of wedding couples getting married to merely get a link to download their photographs, for one of the best days of their lives, can be a letdown. It's hard for me to do this considering how much planning and love goes into a wedding that I believe you need something physical in your hands, to hold, and share. Nothing is more awkward that huddling around a laptop to show your pictures off. That's why I suggest albums! Also having wall art on your, well uh... wall, is an easy way to remember the day and your kids will LOVE IT!

But what about the files themselves?

I was recently approached by a company called USB Memory Direct, a usb wholesaler, to test out their new wood usb drives. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. I have been using another company to produce the ones I give my clients with "adequate" quality. The boxes are really nice but the engraving on the drive left more to be desired. Both the drives look VERY similar in build quality. We will have to wait and see which one last longer. Typically usb drives are rated to late somewhere around 10 years. That is nice to have but certainly not what I consider archive level. I was very pleased with the quality of engraving. My previous supplier had issues since these are so small to be able to get good detail. You can see this difference in this photo. The left is the old and new on the right.
colorado wedding photographer wood usb drives 0001
The other nice benefit is that they offer the custom logo in ink as well as laser engraving and they are available in six different woods. They also have many different types of usb's, but the wood ones best fit my style. Here are a few more images.
colorado wedding photographer wood usb drives 0002

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