Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Tintype Wedding Photobooth

Cheyenne, Wyoming
tintype photobooth at a wedding at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens have this really amazing atrium / greenhouse that was the perfect spot for a wedding tinype photo booth.

Amanda and Cameron have a love for antiques and what better way to integrate that into their wedding than having portraits done with a camera and lens that is over 140 years old. This particular lens I was using was made by C. Burr (I know, right?) from London. It's a 300mm petzval lens. Meaning, it has the glass element combo (2 groups of 2 elements) that Joseph Petzval created in 1840. These lenses have a very unique character of a sharp center point and swirly out-of-focus areas called bokeh. There is a TON more info at Antique Cameras if you're interested.

When I discovered there was a lens maker with the name C. Burr, I had to find one. I found out that the name was Charles which I thought was great considering my Granny's name was Charlea. I now have two that are different lens types. These were done using the petzval portrait lens. C. Burr was well known for his build and optical quality, his lenses did rival back then with those of Ross and Dallmeyer. Two of the larger optician companies in the era. Darlot was another sought after maker.

I love doing these tintypes at events. Everyone is so intrigued by the look of the portraits, others want to know more about the equipment I am using and how it works, but everyone wants to make an amazing portrait to take home. I love that!

If you have an event and want to give your guests a keepsake that they will truly enjoy doing and take home, hit me up and I will bring my tintype photobooth to you. I do live unlimited prints that are ready to go in nice jackets that you can take immediately. It's also super fun.

If you're near Laramie, Cheyenne, or northern Colorado, you should consider a Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Wedding. The ceremony site is really nice, they have an indoor/outdoor space and patio and there's also the greenhouse.

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