Wedding Tintype Wet Plate Collodion Photographs

Chances are you never heard of these. But you may know of  them.

This isn't vintage photography, it's antique! Commonly known as tintypes, I use the 160 year-old process to create photographs on metal and glass with real silver. Each one is completely handmade and unique. You cannot make copies and each one takes about 15 minutes to do.

I've been developing a new technique with my old lenses and cameras, but with digital capture. I can now produce more portraits in a shorter amount of time and can do prints on site as well. You can see some recent examples I did at a wedding HERE. It's the same image as with wet plates but I can do more in a shorter amount of time and get dependable and repeatable results.

I am also available to take wedding tintypes on-location at your wedding.
Contact me for pricing and special collections.

It's a finicky process that I find the true beauty, is in the errors. Because they take so long, you have to really plan and visualize the photograph long before you take them.
Because of this, they have purpose.

I am fascinated by the history and my connection to it.
I have several mid 1800's lenses and cameras that help me create these truly unique photographs that are as authentic as you. Let's create a handmade photograph that will outlive you and be something you can pass down to your grandchildren.