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Where do I start?

Getting married in Colorado or having a mountain elopement is simple and easy. Did you know that you can even marry yourselves! To get started you need to GO HERE to get your marriage liscense application. Once you have that you can bring it and sign together or do it later and mail it in. That's pretty much it. That's all you have to do. If you hire an officiant, most of them handle this for you. More on that later.

What are my options?

You can have a full-scale wedding at one of these amazing colorado wedding venues. These are my top 5 wedding venues in Colorado that I have shot at multiple times. They take great care of the couple and their families; and the locations offer fantastic photos every time. These make the most sense if you are anticipating 120-180 people.

Downsides? They take more time to plan, can get expensive, and may be more stress than you want. Upside? Everyone you love can be there for you on your amazing day and see the start of your life together. Also, for some people they want the party. ;)

Another thing to consider is if you find yourself thinking this is more work than you want but simply cannot have a tiny wedding, you may want a wedding planner. Most will offer full-service: meaning, they will plan everthing starting now and coordinate all your vendors and design elements for you or month-of: which is they help plan out the day starting the month of your wedding and are more focused on the day and not style creation, finding vendors, etc. They just make sure everything is lined up for the day and to help it flow well on the day. Some "day-of" planners may actually not be there on your day so make sure to ask.

I have two who are my favorites. Save the Date Events and Sweetly Paired. Tell them I sent you, and they will take great care of you.

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That doesn't sound like us. What else?

Keep things simple with a rocky mountain elopement. It can just be the two of you or your favorite 20 people. There are many options with various perks. One of my favorite locations is the Rocky Mountain National Park. Its just outside the super cute and fun Estes Park, Colorado which has its own amazing views and things to do. Having a Rocky Mountain National Park elopement is pretty awesome. You have MANY location options ranging from mountain valleys, sunsets, aspen trees, waterfalls, huge mountains, and some neat trails.

To have a wedding in Rocky Mountain National Park they do require a wedding permit which is $200 and available here. You need to pick one of their "approved locations" for the ceremony and it includes a photo permit so we can go anywhere in the park afterward. I'd say this is best for a group larger than 10 people. If it's just the two of you we can just get a photo permit which is $50 which needs to be obtained by me.

Both options still require paid entry per car into the park. I have a park pass so that is covered as well for you.

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What else is a plus about eloping?

Easy answer... TIME. We aren't pressed for time to get back to the reception. We can go anywhere and get some amazing photographs.

get married in colorado rocky mountains estes park rocky mountain national park elopement

Any other locations?

I'm glad you asked hypthetical person. Why, yes there is! Hahahah. There are MANY MANY MANY locations in Colorado that are amazing for weddings or elopements. Basically we just need to go outside. I have many tried and true locations, and a few I have yet to take a couple to. I am always excited to hear your favorite spots or ideas too. Just depends on your style and how adventurous you want to get.

For the majority of the spots I find, I try to make them pretty easy to get to but look like it took us hours to hike in. I am sure you guys don't want to be exhausted and sweaty by the time we take photos.

With that said, I have one spot in mind that will take about 4 hours of hiking to get into the spot. It's not very hard, just takes a while. Might be best to make it an overnight camp trip. We could do a sunset and sunrise session! The view is so insane its hard to believe it's in Colorado. It's fairly close to Denver as well so that helps too. If this sounds like you, Let Me Know.

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Does it have to be Colorado?

Heck no! I love to travel and I am always finding amazing locations to go explore. Some of my top international favs currently would be Iceland, Croatia, Patagonia (Chile/Argentina), and Scotland.

We can stay stateside as well. There's so many amazing locations here in the US ranging from Oregon, Washington, California Redwoods, California Beach Cliffs, Wyoming, Georgia, to South Carolina. There are tons of national locations.

No idea is too crazy for me. I road tripped with a couple for almost 1,000 miles down the coast of California just exploring. WORTH IT! I am all for your ideas and we will figure out a way to make it happen.

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Wedding Officiants

You want a wedding ceremony but don't know where to start or what to do? Might be worth it to hire an officiant to do it for you. I know some wedding officiants that are extremely helpful if you have no idea what to do or say. Traditional or not, religious or not, they won't include anything that you don't want in your ceremony. You won't believe some of the weird things I have heard and seen from some officiants. Don't get me started on DJs or MC's either. As I mentioned, most will help/handle the marriage license process and submit it for you.

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Having some flowers or even a wedding bouquet isn't absolutely necessary but it can offer a bit of design and style. I know a few florists that can get really creative and unique without being super expensive. I also know a paper designer than can create some truly amazing pieces that look like flowers but last.

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What Now?

Really what I mean to say in a long and hopefully helpful way is that you can get married in Colorado any which way you choose. On your terms, and in your own personal style.

I would LOVE to help you two do something so incredibly crazy and amazing as getting married in Colorado. I'd be honored to be your mountain guide and help you start planning.
Colorado wedding photographer Dylan Burr

I can't wait to hear your story

Send me an email and let's get to know each other and start planning your wedding.

If you're wanting to do an elopement and don't know where to start I have lots of ideas of locations and other wedding vendors to create something that is truly you.

Secure Your Wedding Date. The fall is filling up fast!

I am based in Colorado and love to travel.
(with very minimal travel fees*)

*Email for details.

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